Arborist Services

Certified Arborists at Austin Complete Tree Services are trained as well as certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We provide a full tree inspection and gather information from the customer as to possible changes that could have led to the decline of the tree and/or trees.

  • Tree Fertilization, System Tree Treatment & Root Feeding/Aeration
    This process may benefit sick trees or trees that are on the decline.
  • Insect, Disease and Injury Diagnosis
    A thorough tree diagnosis by a certified arborist from Austin Complete Tree Service can best determine a plan to invigorate your trees to prevent or defend themselves from further injury.Diagnosis of tree problems requires a thorough knowledge of plants, botany, soil science, climate horticultural practices, entomology and pathology.
  • Symptoms (abnormalities)
    Leaf spots and blotches, stem dieback, cankers, poor growth, wilting, yellowing and galls.
  • Causal Agents of Tree Stress
    Causes of injury or disease can be either biotic or abiotic and more importantly if it is infectious to other trees in the area.Abiotic stresses (environmentally caused) would include nutrients, water, air, temperature , root compaction & salt stresses from excess fertilizer.

    Biotic stresses would include insects, bacteria, fungi and viruses to name just a few.

Note: It is best to hire a Certified Arborist before you begin any construction on a new home, addition, or clearing a lot. Most trees can be saved if we plan ahead and bring in a Certified Arborist when the project begins, however often times it is too late after the damage has already occurred. There are several factors that can lead to a slow decline or immediate death of a tree if care is not taken from the beginning of the project.