Oak Wilt Analysis & Treatment

Austin Complete Tree Service has been diagnosing and treating Oak Wilt problems since 1991. We have treated and saved thousands of Oak trees and have worked with the City of Austin & Texas State Forrest Service on many Oak wilt suppression programs.

Oak Wilt is an aggressive disease killing thousands of trees in our forests and home landscapes, and is predominant in central Texas areas. Preventive measures is most important, such as pruning at the right time of the year and proper equipment sterilization, as well as treating affected Oaks so the wilt does not spread. We know how to identify, control and prevent Oak wilt in Central Texas Trees. There are four primary ways to identify Oak Wilt; foliar (leaf) symptoms, patterns of tree mortality, fungal mats and laboratory tests. If you have an Oak tree and believe it may be wilting, our Certified Arborists can give you an Oak tree consultation