Tree Fertilization


Austin Complete Tree Service has several types complete tree fertilization programs. Some trees require increased transpiration and reduced soil compaction. We analyze and use the appropriate formula for each specific tree application.

Deep root Tree Fertilization :

Fertilization applied with specific water pressure and applied with a complete grid within the trees canopy, exceeding at least three feet past the canopy drip zone. Some trees take several hundred holes to reduce the soil compaction and increase the transpiration rate for new foliage growth.

Systemic Tree Fertilization :

Fertilization applied with a micro injection process with measured  injection vials. Each vial has the appropriate dosage to supply a given area. The vials are injected with feeder tubes directly into the butt of the tree a few inches above grade.  The fertilizer will be absorbed through the vascular tract of the tree during transpiration. The vials are removed after the uptake is complete.

Foliage Tree Fertilization :

Some trees and plants require a foliage application process that the leaves utilize when other methods are not beneficial .