Tree Planting

Austin Complete Tree Service has many years of  professional knowledge to help the client , ensure a healthy tree , from the start ! The right Tree/Right Location, Once you select the tree suited for your site and its microclimate, we will be sure to plant it correctly.tree-fertilization-03

Most trees on the market are container-grown and can be planted any time of the year.
Of course, extra attention is required if the tree is planted during the summer. Much better times are Fall & Winter months….early Spring.

Balled and burlapped trees should be planted when dormant. The handling is much more delicate to prevent breaking the ball of soil. B & B trees should be cured out.

Container-grown or Burlapped trees require  proper soil treatment & enhancement. It is necessary along with adequate bracing the tree, until the roots become firmly established. (one to three years) . A watering well around the tree to retain water the first and second year, particularly in a sandy or loamy soil.